Time Capsule Video

The St. Boniface Time Capsule was opened after 100 years at St. Boniface Parish Church while celebrating the 100th anniversary as the church was built by Rev. Albert Fate. Bishop Joseph Schrembs, the first bishop of the Diocese of Toledo, placed the time capsule originally. Bishop Daniel E. Thomas, the 8th bishop of Toledo, opened the time capsule on November 20, 2016. It was a big event at the VFW in Oak Harbor with over 300 people in attendance at the luncheon. Over 410 were at the Mass. Bishop was given a number of gift items which represent Oak Harbor: 1) a wooden apple crate from Moore's Orchards, 2) apple butter made by the local Boy Scouts, 3) apple pie made by St. Boniface apple pie bake, 3) Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce mug filled with candies, 4) a commemorative glass award as a token of thanks, 5) apple cider from Moore's Orchards and 6) apples from Moore's Orchards. Radiant Windows kindly displayed a welcome on their digital sign to Bishop Thomas.

Time Capsule Opening

Fr. Jim Peiffer's stimulating presentation at the opening of the 100th Anniversary Time Capsule on the story of St. Boniface Parish throughout the years.

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