St. Boniface Catholic Church

215 N. Church St. Oak Harbor, OH 43449 (419) 898-1389

St. Boniface Parish was organized in 1845 by Father Amadeus Rappe. Mass was offered at this time in the homes of various members of the church. Priests from Toledo, Fremont, Port Clinton and Elmore came to Oak Harbor to minister to parishioners in the area. When the congregation increased services were held in a school building and an old Lutheran church. In 1872, a church was built on the southwest corner at the intersection of Church and Oak Streets by Father William McMahon. A parish school was started by Father Hyacinthe Kalopp in 1874 but was soon closed due to lack of support and poor attendance. Father G. H. Rieken added a parish house in 1880. In 1886, the church was enlarged and a new school was erected. The new school lasted until 1895 when it was closed for lack of support.

Father John Baumgartner arrived at St. Boniface in 1902 and began a fund drive to build a new church. Ground was finally broke for the new church in 1915 and the first mass was celebrated in 1917. It was around this time that St. Joseph's Church, Toussaint, Ohio was detached from St. Boniface Parish. St. Joseph's had been attached to the parish until a new Toussaint church could be built. After the new St. Boniface church was built, a new brick building was then built for a school and sisters residence. This new school closed in 1928 and did not reopen due to the small number of students. On June 14, 1964 construction was begun on the new school building which opened in 1966.

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