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2023/24 School Year Calendar


to St. Boniface Catholic School

Serving students in Kindergarten through 8th grade with multi age learning and standards based grading.  We value the whole student; physically and mentally.

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Multi-Age Learning

St. Boniface offers multi-age learning.  All children learn at a different pace.  A child who is excelling should be encouraged to move ahead.  A child who is struggling should get the extra help they need to thrive.  This is what the multi-age learning is all about.

Our classrooms include several grade levels.  The primary classroom has kindergarten, first and second grade.  Our intermediate classroom includes third, fourth and fifth grade. Our middle school classroom is for students in sixth, seventh and eighth grade.  The multi age classroom facilitates the student to be able to progress to the next level or get the extra review needed to master their current level.

For example, a child in 3rd grade who is struggling with math will get extra attention in order to reach their full potential.  At the same time, a child in 3rd grade who has already mastered the concepts being taught may move up to 4th grade math.  This allows the child to stay interested and motivated.

Standards Based Grading

Standards-Based Learning is a system of instruction and assessment based on students’ demonstrating their understanding or mastery of the knowledge and skills they are expected to learn. Using Standards-Based Learning students are given clear goals to work towards to master the Ohio state education standards. After mastering a standard each student advances on to the next, based on ability instead of grade level. Standards-Based Learning focuses on a student’s mastery of each skill, making grades meaningful.


Standards are scored on a numerical scale using the following descriptors:

  • 4:   Highly Proficient: Student consistently demonstrates an understanding above the concept or skill and is above the standard.

  • 3:   Proficient:  Student demonstrates a proficient understanding of the concept and meets the standard.

  • 2:   Emerging: Student demonstrates a basic understanding of the concept or skill and is progressing toward meeting the standard.

  • 1:   Below Proficient:  Student demonstrates an initial understanding of the concept or skill and is starting toward meeting the standard.

  • 0:   Failing:  Student demonstrates no understanding of the concept or skill and is not meeting the standard.

  • /    Not Assessed: Standard has not been introduced or student has not been assessed on that particular standard.

St. Boniface Catholic School Staff

Middle School Classroom
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Intervention Specialist
Intermediate School Classroom
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Primary School Classroom

Carli Laurel

Primary Teacher Aide

Barb Rhodes

Religious Education Coordinator

Activities at St. Boniface

Apple Festival Parade
Physical Education
Grandparents Day

Fire Safety Days

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